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I’m Sandy. I’ve been running a music pub for a while, and I’ve learned a lot of things on the job that I wish someone had told me before I’d gotten started. I still would have opened the pub and I still would have entered this business. However, I would have avoided making quite a few mistakes along the way. I created this website in the hopes that I would be able to give a little advice to the people who are thinking of following in my footsteps.

I’ve listed a bunch of different tips from my early days, but also the insights from my later days. No one should have to serve several decades in order to really feel like they finally know how to run a bar. I hope that my readers will know how to do it immediately after they read this website, a website that I wish had existed decades ago. However, I do demand that they don’t set up their bars in my area. I’ll give everyone plenty of tips on that as well.

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