Things You Should Avoid Doing On A Bar



Looking to wind out after a hard day at work? A bar might just be the right place for you. Unfortunately, bars are known to bring the best and worst out of people. If you’re new to the world of drinking, and have visited a bar only a handful of times, here are the top things that you should avoid doing when you’re there.

1. Be clear in what you need

One of the most common problems bartenders have to face is the fact that people do not know what they’re ordering. Vague specifics or that other drink that you absolutely loved the other day will not be of much help. Also, it’s not a great idea to tell the bartender pick a drink for you. They really do not know your tastes and a whisky person may not like rum. Even if you’re looking at the cocktail options, it’s a good idea to choose one yourself rather than having the bartender choose one for you. Its a good idea to let the bartender know about your tastes so that he or she can guide you, but let the ultimate decision rest with you.

2. Order what’s good at the bar

In other words, you shouldn’t really order a Bourbon drink in a Tequila bar. Also, it’s not a great idea to order cocktails when you’re at your beer bar. Order to a bar’s strength to get the drink that you will love. The staff will know what they’re making and this ensures that you get a good drink.

3. Don’t forget to clean up the mess

This really is one of the basics but one that some forget when they are in the bar. Remember to clean up before you leave. You might be surprised as to the filth the people working in the bar have to deal with, making it one of the dirtiest jobs ever.

4. Don’t expect the Bartender to serve your first

Don’t expect to be served first by waving money to the bartended. That might not go down well with the bartender as well as others around you. Instead, try to make an eye contact with the bartender and ask for your drink – this might help you get the drinks faster. It’s okay to have money in your hand, as that tells the bartender you’re ready to pay immediately but not really a good idea to wave the money in your hand.

5. Don’t hit on the bartender

Well, it might look to be a really exciting prospect, if you’ve a hot bartender down there. However, know that bartenders know all about flirting and have been hit upon all the time. If you’re using a direct approach, understand that the results may not be that great. Instead, if you’re really interested, a good idea is to start a communication and see if the bartended is reciprocating. If not, it’s not really a great idea to continue.

6. Don’t turn up the heat

If you’re with your partner, the bar might seem a perfect place for you to turn up the heat. While that might seem great, save it for the bedroom – it’s not really that great an idea as it might seem.

7. Do not stand in the service area

If you’ve gone to the bar in the evenings, you might see that it’s pretty crowded. However, there might be a free space that’s not taken, around the side of the bar. Well, that space’s for the waitresses to get drinks from the bartender and you really do not want to stand over there.

8. Order for others

If it’s a crowded night and you see five cuties waiting for their drink, you might just want to buy it to them. However, it might not be a good idea, as it can significantly add to your billing time as you will have to pay for them separately.

It’s important that you do not get too drunk or to cut the line. Remember to keep only one tab per night as opening and closing tabs can take a while. While you can party with your friends or colleagues after a hard day out, following these etiquettes really wouldn’t hurt.

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